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7th Annual Global Pharma SFE Forum

Keeping the intimate atmosphere to maximize your learning experience

We limit the number of seats on 200 so you will:

* Become a part of the best learning-friendly SFE environment in 2012
* Get enough space to raise your hand and ask your questions
* Experience a real face to face interaction with workshop leaders, presenters and your peers


* Global SFE benchmarking under one roof – meet & discuss with leading SFE brains from USA, Europe and Asia.
* Diverse expertise for synergistic effect – SFE, KAM, CRM, Digital marketing and sales training & development professionals coming.
* 2 STREAMS – SFE, CRM, KAM, new digital sales channels topics vs. advanced sales training, developing extra skills for achieving superior performance, metrics and measuring sales performance – Choose the talks you prefer!
* Interact on 20 hands-on CASE STUDIES, network with TOP 10 Pharma companies and enjoy 8 hours of workshops.

Location: Rome - Italy
Date: 28.2.2012 - 29.2.2012


TonyF said...

Seems like a very limited number of sets for this kind of event though.

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