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Point of Care Innovations of the Future

This year’s Point of Care: Innovations of the Future conference will focus on technologies aimed at treating infectious diseases, with a focus on the rapid identification and ‘on the spot’ diagnosis of infectious diseases such as HIV and TB. This year’s event will take a look at what strategies different healthcare trusts are implementing to increase the usage of Point of Care testing and diagnosis at the site of the patient.

Date: 23-24 October
Location: London

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CMC Analytical Comparability Masterclass

Participants will be introduced to state-of-the art analytical methods and concepts. This will include topics such as analytical characterization of biosimilar and reference product, quality target product profile, acceptable range of variability, and justification of differences. Case studies of originator biologics and biosimilar products incl. examples addressing the development of biosimilar monoclonal antibody products will be discussed.

Date: 7.9.2013 - 18.9.2013
Location: Vienna, Austria
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Cancer Vaccines

This year’s event aims to focus on innovation and novel strategies within the field, the regulatory environment, and the future direction of cancer vaccines; as well as offering current preclinical and clinical outlook, data, and case studies. Cancer Vaccine 2013 will examine not only current clinical data but also the new innovations within the field.

Date: 18th September 2013 to 19th September 2013
Location: Holiday Inn Regents Park, London UK
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After recent Pharmacovigilance legislations, SMi’s conference will present the successes and failures since its implementation. 2012-2013 can be seen as year of significant change with regards to Pharmacovigilance practices and this topic has never been more of a focus for Pharmaceutical companies across the board. With concerns occurring across the board in relation to PV auditing, companies face the challenge of understanding the key considerations when presenting to auditors. Unravel the challenges in compiling and presenting the new PSUR to external regulatory bodies and determine what these regulatory bodies have learnt in the wake of its recent introduction.

Date: 1-2 July 2013 
Location:  London UK
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